There will be true world peace when one tenth of the people on earth change their thinking and hearts filled with a love that is gentle like the sun glow. Based on this belief and as the strategic point of a network of like-minded people, "Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association) strives to realize a world at one filled with love and peace, beginning with peace in the heart of each person.

"Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association) members share information about things that Kaoru Nakamaru has seen and heard through her day to day private diplomacy, such as about real events in international society that the mass media does not report. While deepening our examination of how events in the world affect our lives, I will be exploring the following with our members.

1. To have each person be filled with happiness and peace of mind in their daily lives.

2. To bequeath a pleasing and beautiful global environment to the next generation.

3. To pursue ever deeper the concept of world peace.

4. To know the truth about why a country exists and about the structure of international society.

5. To inquire on one's own about what is a human begin and to learn the truth about the universe.

6. To work to cleanse one's soul and to maintain the harmony and health of one's mind and body.

7. To deepen true understanding about North and South Korea and to support their unification.

8. To regain one's identity and to live as humanely as possible.

In the 21st century the world will become one, overcoming our many differences. It can be said that a truly international person of the coming age is a person who is compassionate and kind and broad-minded enough to accept values that differ from one's own.
Social status, occupation, age, etc., do not matter at "Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association). Every participate plays a leading role and is a peacemaker as a truly international person.

The world will surely change when people of many countries, fields and occupations hold peace in their hearts and the hopes of all people are consolidated. Won't you please take the first step? I await your participation from the bottom of my heart.

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