In the current world turmoil, it is easy to lose sight of the future,
but each and every individual must take hope and decide which road to take.
Kaoru Nakamaru, a leading analyst of international politics,
has strong contacts with world leaders and captains of industry,
and monitors world events that the mass media does not.
Kaoru Nakamaru processes a huge range of information from a global perspective
and makes it directly available over the Internet.
For real peace and prosperity in the 21st century,
please look at the "Taiyo no Kai" home page.

Greetings from the President, Kaoru Nakamaru

Her experiences which lead to the establishment of "Taiyo no Kai" and her "travels of the heart"

Her work as an international political analyst and her publications

A "network of hearts" among those who want peace

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