A journey wishing for real peace and exploring the truth

"The world must someday overcome the difference of various religions and become one."

My father, Tatsukichiro Horikawa, would always say this. He was the son of the Emperor Meiji, and he devoted his life to a project that went beyond national borders, working for humanity's peace and reconciliation. In part because of my father's influence, a clear vision of "world peace and a united humanity" came to gleam within me quite naturally.

"For what purpose are people born? What is the mission or goal that we must fulfill in life?"

This question constantly guided my "search for the truth." With my vision in my heart, I have continued to be active in international politics. To date I have visited 168 countries and met with over 200 leaders of the world, including heads of state, politicians, businessmen and intellectuals.

In spite of the fact that the leaders of all countries, as individual human beings, want peace, countries continue to be in conflict, as though manipulated by invisible strings. Even international stars, who have built dazzling riches, achieved great fame and have people's love and respect, feel a great sense of loneliness in their private lives. Whenever I was confronted by these realities, the above question grew louder within me.

Through exchanges with many people, I came to know that all people are connected at a deep level in spite of differences in nationality, ethnic background, religion, ideology, etc. And I came to realize that "the light of the sun" shines commonly within all people, even if their characters, ways of life or circumstances differ. This can be called "true love," "the sacred," "the inner voice" or "wisdom." The difference is only whether or not one is aware of its existence.

International activities leading to the inauguration of
"Taiyo no Kai"(Following The Sun Association)

In 1976, I had an experience that was of great importance in my life. It happened during a visit to the United Arab Emirates. After a meeting with the President Sheikh Zayed, for some reason I felt that I wanted to pray and so I went to the seashore and meditated. As I prayed entrusting all to God, a pillar light came down from the heavens and passed through my body. I was enveloped by an indescribable feeling of invigoration and harmony.

As a result of this spiritual experience, I decided to fulfill my mission and role in life. I withdrew from my former activities in the mass media world, which had kept me busy to the extreme. Further deepening the cleansing of my soul, I actively promoted activities toward "true world peace and a world at one."

In 1989, I relinquished much of my personal fortune to procure the funds to hold a peace symposium in New York. Thanks to this, I was relieved of that burden in a single stroke, and I feel that I acquired mental strength and true peace of mind through devoting myself to living the simple life thereafter.

The following year I established a foundation for world peace in New York, and began to build a network of people of like mind. This would lead to "Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association) today.

Since then I have continued my private diplomacy to strive for the realization of a world at one. One of the issues for which I have worked wholeheartedly is the problem of North and South Korea, the only country in the world at present that is divided.

Although they are one people, North and South Korea are still in a state of cold war. It will be difficult to unite the people's hearts as long as both countries are compelled to sever relations because of their historical and political background. Because of these feelings I have concerning this issue, I have made the unification of North and South Korea my goal and repeatedly visited both countries and talked to their leaders in order to be a bridge to peace.

I have been invited to each country as a guest of state and had heartfelt discussions with them. Because of the fact that the misunderstandings and tensions are definitely being resolved through genial exchanges, I am confident that the situation will most certainly progress toward harmony if both parties open their hearts to each other and meet each other face to face.

Through information from reliable people in the know, I have also learned of the existence of an "underworld power" that is attempting to control the world by commanding financial, political and military might. The fact is that one of the major reasons that we do not have world peace is because the existence of this power has been concealed for many centuries.

Extending the network of peace-loving people to cover the globe

Learning the truth is the first step toward the light. Behind the scenes of the stage of international politics, I have seen for myself many times how greatly the truth is distorted by the immense power of the mass media. As a result, I fully realize the importance of learning the truth.

Now is the time for each person to cultivate an eye for discerning the truth in international affairs, and to rise to fulfill our mission as children of the Creator. I believe that having as many people as possible rid themselves of prejudice and ego and nurture in their hearts a love that is gentle like the sun, will bring true harmony to this world.

"Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association) springs from the hopes of peace-loving people. It will not do to have things as they are now. Take action beginning with what you can do. If people sharing this determination meet, the network of hope will surely spread to cover the globe.

Let us strive to realize world peace under the symbol of the "sun," which represents benevolence and righteousness.

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