Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association) is a network of people who are striving to realize world peace through changing each person's awareness. It is not an organization based on a religion or specific ideology. Its aim is to have everyone cultivate their spirit on their own through encountering people, learning and exchanging information at "Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association), and voluntarily participating in creating a new society and age.

Membership requirements

Anyone who wants accurate information about society and the world and who wants to live a full life may join. At present a wide range of people have already joined, including political and financial leaders, executives, businessmen, civil servants, entrepreneurs and housewives.

[Advisory board members & Friends of the institute]

To have a better understanding of "Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association) activities, please read Kaoru Nakamaru's "The Structure of the Global 'Underworld' Power and the Course of Humanity" and "The Underworld and Judea as Told by the Grandson of the Emperor Meiji," both published by Bungeisha (English editions are currently being prepared).

Members' Privileges

Members will be able to attend lectures, international seminars, symposiums and various social events. "Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association) intends to plan a variety of events at which Kaoru Nakamaru and its members can spend some meaningful time together. For example, there will be enjoyable events held outdoors and casual social gatherings, so that each member can regain his/her rich humanity, enjoy peace of mind, deepen ties between members and engage in friendly exchanges.

"Taiyo no Kai" (Following the Sun Association)

Application Procedures

Please fill in the required information on the "Application Form" and send it to us.

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Application Form

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