Kaoru Nakamaru's Publications

Upon publication, Kaoru Nakamaru's recent works dealing with what is happening behind the scenes on the international stage and shocking facts that have not been reported at all by the mass media, have generated great reaction in Japan. English editions are being prepared at present. Please inquire by mail if you would like to order copies.
The many leaders that Kaoru Nakamaru has encountered through her 30 years of private diplomacy all have a heartfelt wish for peace and are working toward this goal. Why is it that in spite of this there is no end to the conflicts throughout the world and peace is so difficult to realize?

Nakamaru felt that there was a great contradiction present. On a certain occasion she encountered the astonishing fact that a group that could be called an "underworld government" has been controlling the world from behind the scenes, through the manipulation of information by using the mass media, in an attempt to dominate all humanity at will.

In "The Structure of the Global 'Underworld' Power and the Course of Humanity -- from 'the Path of Power' to the 'Path of Life'" (published by Bungeisha), Nakamaru gives her unique view of how things actually are behind the scenes of the international arena, that she acquired through personal experience.

World wars and various conflicts arising around the world have all in fact followed the scenarios developed by the "underworld government." A sharp decline in stock prices is also nothing more that a means by which they earn massive profits in one stroke. These facts are revealed in this book. Furthermore, to prove that their existence is not merely a theory or an imaginary creation, Nakamaru presents its organizational chart and lists the real names of its members.
Nakamaru asks each person the question, what should we do from here and now, since knowing the truth is a step toward the light.

Systems and mechanisms in all areas of society are collapsing, and humanity is groping for the path that it should follow.
What should we do to survive this great turning point? What is necessary to advance in the right direction?
"The Underworld and Judea as Told by the Granddaughter of the Emperor Meiji" (published by Bungeisha), published this February, gives us the diverse information that will show us the way.

In these publications, along with presenting historical background and concrete proof, Nakamaru continues to reveal the realities about of the global underworld power, the actual state of the United Nations, a thoroughly corrupt organization with its token peace-keeping activities, and the truth about the Jewish people, who have suffered much prejudice and persecution over their long history.

Furthermore, she sends a message to each reader, in the most concrete and sincerest words, about her passionate hopes for "world peace and a world at one," her mission.

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